What's Included?

When you order a dog collar from Big Dog Chains you will be receiving everything you need to give your dog a new look. Each dog collar comes with the following:

    Big Dog Chain:

    Big Dog Chains is always designing new dog collar models for its clients around the globe. Our dog collars are designed and manufactured by professional jewelers in Canada. Each dog collar is real jewelry and is created around three core principles we follow: comfort, durability and style.

    The 2015 Big Dog Chains collection consists of 7 different dog collar models. You can choose from the Commander, Caesar, Caesar XL, Magnum, Capone, Maui and Rocky dog collars. All of our dog collars have unique names and interesting history backgrounds about their creation. Manufactured with our high grade 316l stainless steel and secured by our patent pending Big Dog Clasp, Big Dog Chains makes the strongest pet jewelry in the world, without a doubt! 

    If you would like to learn more about all dog collars, please visit our product details page. 

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