Caramelo Bracelet to Match Your Luxury Dog Collar?

For over 7 years Big Dog Chains has been constantly innovating the pet industry from making the World's strongest Cuban link dog collar to new color finishes every season. This summer they are changing everything again by offering you the chance to start matching with your luxury dog collar and leash set.


Today Big Dog Chains team is announcing it's partnership with Caramelo Chains. Caramelo is new designer jewelry brand that is different that most using 100% recycled stainless steel and each bracelet or chain purchased removes over 1 pound of trash from the ocean. Caramelo Chains' commitment to sustainable manufacturing with 18+ high quality color finish options gave Big Dog Chains the confidence to offer their bracelets and chain necklaces to the Big Dog Community.Unique_Cuban_Link_Bracelets_and_Chains_Necklace_CARAMELO_CHAINSBig Dog Chains owners now have the ability to purchase a matching bracelet or chain on Caramelo Chains website ( In collaborating with Caramelo, Big Dog Chains reviewed each color to match the same finishes of the dog collars and leashes already out there.

So if you have been looking for a unique bracelet or chain that uses real Cuban links with color options check out Caramelo Chains.

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