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    Large Dog Collars custom stainless steel military grade MIL-SPEC tough dog collars - BIG DOG CHAINS

    Since 2015 Big Dog Chains has become the leading innovator in the pet accessory industry. From the creation of functional dog collar jewelry to the invention of the super strong Big Dog Clasp, Big Dog Chains has developed the most stunning and rugged dog collars in the world.

    Dog collar innovation always starts in Big Dog Chains' design workshop. The design workshop conducts research and development to create new styles, finishes and products based on their in-house creativity and requests made by their followers. The first Big Dog Chains collection, called Steel, consisted of five dog collar models all using a high reflective stainless steel finish.

    The second was our matte finish collection, developed after receiving customer requests for a more subtle look for their dogs. Finally, the most anticipated dog collar for 2016 was Big Dog Chains' gold dog collar collection. Some models within the gold collection quickly became best sellers.

    Large Custom Black Dog Collar military grade MIL-SPEC dog collars - BIG DOG CHAINS

    Big Dog Chains has unveiled the new 2017 collection called MIL-SPEC. This new dog collar collection has been in development for over a year. MIL-SPEC collection consists of Big Dog Chains's custom fitted stainless steel using their popular link designs finished with an extremely tough military grade color finish.

    Venom Large Dog Collars custom stainless steel military grade MIL-SPEC tough dog collars - BIG DOG CHAINS

    Mamba Large Black Dog Collars custom stainless steel military grade MIL-SPEC tough dog collars - BIG DOG CHAINS

    Vader Large Black Dog Collars custom stainless steel military grade MIL-SPEC tough dog collars - BIG DOG CHAINS

    Big Dog Chains wanted to offer it's customers and followers with the opportunity to buy their dog collar designs with almost any color preference. However, during the R&D stage, Big Dog Chains' designers quickly realized two challenges to accomplish this while maintaining design quality standards:

    • Finding an abrasion resistant coating
    • Finding a color finish that met their quality standards

    After months of research, Big Dog Chains finally decided on which coating finish to use. The next step was developing concept designs, prototypes, product testing and a production run of the new MIL-SPEC collection. The coating used by Big Dog Chains is a polymer ceramic coating called Cerakote™ developed for the use of military firearms and technology requiring additional resistance from abrasion and the elements. The term MIL-SPEC is used because these dog collars are actually stainless steel dog restraints with a military grade finish.

    Each dog collar in the MIL-SPEC collection is custom fitted to your dog's neck size and finished with a Cerakote coating by a our certified and professional design team. The new MIL-SPEC collection means you can now enjoy Big Dog Chains' style while personalizing your color preference even further by choosing the color you want. At the moment, the MIL-SPEC collection consists of three dog collar models in black. More colors will become available this year in Big Dog Chains' online shop. For the time being, you can order different Cerakote color finishes upon request on a custom order, simply by contacting us

    Order yours today!

    At this time, Big Dog Chains is only offering the black Cerakote finish, however you can make a special request for a custom dog collar order, simply by contacting us. The remainder of color options from green, red, blue, white, pink, yellow, orange, glow in the dark and more will become available spring 2017.

    Big Dog Chains has always been a luxury dog collar company with custom fitted designs. The new MIL-SPEC collection will give you the flexibility to adding your own style to the design by choosing your favorite color. 

    Again you can make custom design requests for your MIL-SPEC color. Big Dog Chains workshop now has an artist skilled in customizing metal products with our MIL-SPEC ceramic coating. Coming up with new dog collar designs is now only limited by one's imagination. BIG DOG CHAINS Blog - BIG DOG CHAINS


    A New Era of Unique Dog Collars

    A New Era of Unique Dog Collars

    Think that your dog is living in luxury? Check out these unique dog collars, from Big Dog Chains. You can now buy a strong dog collar that will last a lifetime.

    This tough dog collar collection looks better and will last longer than any other dog collar on the market. Big Dog Chains are guaranteed to do a lot more than just improve your dog's style. Large dogs can now enjoy a good looking collar that is custom fitted to handle anything they put them through and last a lifetime.

    Large strong metal dog collar - BIG DOG CHAINS

    Leaders in Strong Dog Collars for Large Dogs

    Big Dog Chains have become one of the leaders in the development of strong dog collars for large dogs. Each model is designed and handmade in Canada following the most stringent production quality standards in the pet accessory industry. The success & motivation found in their design workshop would not have been possible without the support of their online community and extremely satisfied customer base.


    Caesar XL Large Dog Collar - BIG DOG CHAINS

    Big Dog Chains bridged the gap between strength and style for large dog collars.

     BIG DOG CHAINS There is no doubt that Big Dog Chains have begun a new era in dog collar fashion. Accessorizing dogs has been around for small dogs for a long time. Small dogs have had an abundance of collar options due to their reduced durability requirements. Not to mention, the overall increased stress and literal abuse that large dogs can inflict on their collars. This left larger dog owners with fewer collar choices and therefore less style, until now!

    Why are these dog collars so popular?

    First of all they look stunning and rest assured their production quality is extremely apparent at the unboxing stage. Buying one of these collars means owning it for life. They are made of solid marine grade stainless steel and are secured by the strongest dog collar closures ever made. From the dedicated craftsmanship to the high quality product materials, Big Dog Chains are real functional dog collar jewelry.

    Gold dog collar - BIG DOG CHAINS

    Now, when I said that Big Dog Chains last a lifetime, I really meant it. The lifetime warranty policy on their dog collars is very clear, the chain and clasp closure functionality is guaranteed for life.

    Best of all Big Dog Chains offers all their customers with a free lifetime resizing. So if your dog grows or passes on you just have to send the collar back to the Big Dog Chains offices in Canada and their team will resize, free of charge. This means that beyond the dog collar warranty you can continue use the collar on other dogs, multi-generational style under their lifetime resizing policy.

    One of the best parts of Big Dog Chains is that they are constantly evolving and coming out with new styles for their customers. A great example would be the new gold dog collection that was successful launched on Kickstarter earlier in 2016.

    The beautifully finished gold dog collars quickly grew in popularity, making the KILO gold collar (image above) one their new best sellers. Like all of their dog collars the KILO collar is a true work of art with one of the most unique styles offered by Big Dog Chains.

    An even more recent update at Big Dog Chains was due to an increase in global demand for their dog collars. A dramatic expansion of their free shipping zone was implemented in order to cater to their customers from USA, Canada, United Kingdom and the European Union! 

    How do you get these dog collars?

    Order in the Big Dog Chains online shop! Take a look at their 2016 dog collar collection. If you are in the market for a new dog collar or just want to give your dog an amazing gift, order a Big Dog Chains today!

    Select from their unique dog collar collections below. Start saving 10% using promo code: 10more in the online shop.

    Strong Dog Collar Stainless Steel Finish - BIG DOG CHAINS
    Unique Dog Collar Matte Finish - BIG DOG CHAINS
    Metal Dog Collar Gold Finish - BIG DOG CHAINS


    What's New at Big Dog Chains?

    Now some of you reading this may have a medium, small or even tiny dog and wish you could get one of these awesome collars. Well, next month, October 2016, to accommodate dog's of all sizes, Big Dog Chains will be launching a new collection called LiL' Dog Chains on Kickstarter. You can follow their Facebook page or Instagram account for updates.

    Metal dog collars stainless steel quality - BIG DOG CHAINS

    A New Era of Unique Dog Collars 

    So there you have it! A dog collar revolution has started and Big Dog Chains is leading the way. The synergy between dog collar style and function has never been so accessible to dog owners around the world. Combining the LiL Dog Chains collection launch in October, dog owners will be able to enjoy these high quality and luxurious collars in any size.

    BIG DOG CHAINS Blog - BIG DOG CHAINSStrong Dog Collar Jewelry - BIG DOG CHAINSBIG DOG CHAINS - Best Sellers

    5 Reasons Why Stainless Steel Dog Collars are Better than Leather

    5 Reasons Why Stainless Steel Dog Collars are Better than Leather

    Perfect large dog collars are a lot like finding the right woman for your life. Big Dog Chains' stainless steel dog collars are the best choice for large dogs. They are strong, low maintenance and eye-catching. Following the criteria above when shopping for a new dog collar can be vital to purchase research.

    Large Dog Collar gold dog Stainless Steel dog collar custom gold cuban link stainless steel luxury designer dog collar large - BIG DOG CHAINS

    Dog collars undergo a lot of stress over time, especially with wear and tear from large dogs. So the first thing that all shoppers should consider is the overall strength incorporated into each dog collar. Strength provided by dog collars rely on several elements listed below.

    • Material (Metal, Leather, Synthetic Fiber)
    • Product Quality Control
    • Dog Collar Closure

    Dog collar manufacturing materials are critical to the production of a long lasting, quality product. Let's face it, nylon fades over time, leather cracks (unless you treat it, which is a pain in the ass), while metal gives you the highest level of durability.

    Nylon or Synthetic Fibers:

    Nylon or synthetic fiber dog collars are easy to find and afford but they just never make it to finish line. They can be uncomfortable (depending on model), loose their style to fading and are simply not the sexiest collars out there. 

    Leather Dog Collars:

    Leather dog collars try hard to be something they are not. Very often you will find leather dog collars with loads of metal accent or complete cover designs. The reason is because it's cheaper to use leather and throw some metal motifs on top of it. 

    Large Dog Collar dog Stainless Steel dog collar better than leather collars custom gold cuban link stainless steel luxury designer dog collar large - BIG DOG CHAINS

    Don't get me wrong, leather collars or animal restraints were very important in the past, before the advancement of modern science and technology. In other words, the medieval days of using another animal's skin for tools like dog collars is kind of over. 

    Leather is a step up from synthetic fiber collars but still not the most durable & therefore best collar choice. Leather also needs to be treated to maintain style & FUNCTIONALITY. So to clarify leather will loose its style and overall guaranteed function if not massaged with oil every once in while. Sounds like a high maintenance collar to me. 

    Metal Dog Collars:

    Metal or more specifically marine grade stainless steel dog collars like those created by Big Dog Chains are ideal to meet all of your quality needs.

    The stainless steel used by Big Dog Chains will never rust so you know that it will still be around after all the stress you put them through. #LastForever #DogCantBreak You can also rest assured that taking these collars out in public is awesome. Everyone will stop and check out your new dog collar. These dog collars truly offer style and functionality far beyond what is offered by the other raw materials described above.

    Finally, stainless steel is low maintenance! Easy to clean and will last a lifetime without any effort on your part. 

    Large Dog Collar Stainless steel dog collars designer gold dog collars stongest - BIG DOG CHAINS

    There are a lot of dog collars out there on the market and it can be easy to forget the number one reason we all buy dog collars. Why do we need dog collars, and what purpose do they serve? To restrain dogs! So always think, function first! BIG DOG CHAINS Capone gold metal dog collar online store pet shop collar pitbull large dog collars bully collars rottweiler doberman dog two tone collar Bull Mastiff quality gold collar bulldog

    5 Reasons to Choose Big Dog Chains over alternative collars.

    1. Last a Lifetime (Lifetime Warranty)
    2. No treatment necessary (Low Maintenance)
    3. Stronger (Guaranteed Lifetime Functionality) 
    4. Looks awesome (You know it)
    5. The Future (Not medieval)

    BIG DOG CHAINS Capone gold metal dog collar online store pet shop collar pitbull large dog collars bully collars rottweiler doberman dog two tone collar Bull Mastiff quality gold collar bulldogFind the perfect polished, matte finish or gold dog collar in Big Dog Chains' online shop. Their best sellers are listed below.

    Most Popular Dog Collar in the World

    Most Popular Dog Collar in the World

    Every once in a while a new product comes around that everyone wants or admires. When Big Dog Chains launched it's new gold collection they had no idea which model was going to take the lead as their new best seller. Months after the initial launch of the gold collection, one model stood out from the rest making it the most highly sought after dog collar in the world. Ladies and gentlemen may we introduce you to the KILO gold dog collar.

    Gold Large Dog collar -  BIG DOG CHAINS

    Using the famous Cuban link design with the strongest dog collar clasp ever made, Big Dog Chains has truly done it again. No other company in the pet accessory industry can keep up with their guaranteed quality standards and five star customer service.

    Some shoppers have found themselves suffering from price shock from the KILO's hefty price tag of $399.99. That being said, those seeking a level of quality and style previously unknown in the dog collar world should consider Big Dog Chains' gold collection while browsing the web. 

    Kilo Large Gold Dog Collar - BIG DOG CHAINS

    Many customers who have purchased a collar from Big Dog Chains have reported attaining a new level of popularity at dog parks or when simply going out for a walk. Many KILO collar owners have described it as a masterpiece that demands appreciation.

    This is no exaggeration, Big Dog Chains spends months, sometimes years hounding it's research and development department. So it is no surprise that when a new collar is released that all those who are lucky enough to own one realize the level of attention to detail that is put into each collar shipped from their workshop in Canada.

    Kilo Large Gold Dog Collar - BIG DOG CHAINS

    Owning a pet is special to many and Big Dog Chains is one of the few businesses that understands the need to offer products that symbolize the relationship we have with our pets. The KILO or any large dog collar created in the Big Dog Chains design workshop is a wearable masterpiece. 

    So why is the KILO the most popular dog collar in the world? First point would be the constant state or borderline sold out status of the model. Manufacturing at Big Dog Chains has never been so busy over one specific model since the KILO's little brother, the Caesar XL

    Secondly, look at the image below and it will become clear why there is so much hype revolving around the KILO and Big Dog Chains in general. 

    KILO large gold dog collar - BIG DOG CHAINS

    If you are in the market for a new collar get one that comes with a lifetime warranty, free lifetime re-sizing, free shipping to US & Canada. Don't forget that owning a Big Dog Chains, changes your dog's status on the streets.  

    Find the large dog collar that you love the most from the entire Big Dog Chains collection below.

    The Most Anticipated Dog Collar of All Time

    The Most Anticipated Dog Collar of All Time

    Large Luxury custom gold unique dog collars - BIG DOG CHAINS - 4

    Gold BIG DOG CHAINS dog collars are finally available for pre-orders on KickStarter!

    Now long after BIG DOG CHAINS launched in 2015 followers on social networks made it very clear that an all gold collection would satisfy their need for luxury.

    Less than 8 months since the first backer on KickStarter pre-ordered a BIG DOG CHAINS we are proud to introduce our new Gold Collection. Pre-order yours on KickStarter today! We have three gold models and the first 12 backers of each model ships within 30 days. Everyone else has to wait 60 days.

    The BIG DOG CHAINS gold collection uses our signature patent pending Big Dog Clasp technology and is made of solid marine grade stainless steel with a double PVD gold plating. You can now pre-order anyone of our three most popular models:

    • The Caesar our original BIG DOG CHAINS collar
    • The Capone our original two tone model now available in all gold
    • Caesar XL our largest model for dog's with neck sizes over 18 inches

    We used PVD gold plating, the best quality gold plating available for stainless steel base metals. When combined with our 316l marine grade stainless steel base, these collars are the absolute best quality. Our mission was to excel BIG DOG CHAINS to the next level while meeting our strict standards for durability and aesthetic perfection.

    Unique Gold Dog Collar - BIG DOG CHAINS

    Quality Gold Dog Collars:

    Now if you have ever purchased a cheap gold plated piece of jewelry in past you may have noticed it had changed color or left stains on your skin. This happens when cheap base metals in the jewelry react to the acidity in your skin.

    Don't worry that will never happen to a BIG DOG CHAINS gold dog collar. Dogs don't sweat and since BIG DOG CHAINS uses a marine grade stainless steel base metal our collars will never rust or tarnish and are guaranteed to last a lifetime.

    Each model in the new BIG DOG CHAINS gold collection comes with all of our original post-purchase services. Not to exclude our top notch customer support, which ensures the most positive experience for all of our clients around the world.

    Luxury Gold Dog Collar - BIG DOG CHAINS

    Pre-Order on KickStarter:

    For the next 30 days you can order anyone of the three new BIG DOG CHAINS gold dog collars. The pre-order prices will be even lower than our original models. A "snooze you loose" policy is in effect. Only 12 collars each of the three new models will be available for immediate delivery.

    Pre-Order your new BIG DOG CHAINS gold dog collar and get your dog the most stunning and popular collar in the world today! 

    Click Here to Pre-Order on KickStarter!