Custom Dog Collar Company Goes Really Big

Big Dog Chains is world renowned for inventing the seamless Cuban link dog collars and leashes. These dog collars and leashes are simply the strongest ever of their kind and are available online right now. 

Introducing the largest Cuban Link dog collar in the world today.

The new Midas (Gold) and Goliath (Stainless) dog collars, almost twice the size of their predecessors reaching an entirely new level of strength. Big Dog Chains now can handle dogs with neck sizes over 35 inches in diameter. The team at Big Dog Chains wanted to create the ultimate large dog collar. Although our KILO and Caesar XL look great on large dogs with neck sizes over 22 inches after receiving overwhelming support from so many of our followers on Instagram and Facebook we decided to create an even larger collar that no one else can offer in the world.

The new Goliath and Midas collars have an extra thick, 1.75 inch Cuban link design that is 0.50 inch wider than the KILO or Caesar XL collar. Not many dog owners even have dogs large enough for these collar, requiring a minimum 22 inch neck size to be able to order. Using our marine grade stainless steel and patent pending design the Midas and Goliath dog collar come with our lifetime guarantee and resizing policy. If you have a large and super strong dog then we highly recommend ordering one of these new collars.

Gold Cuban Link Dog Collars - BIG DOG CHAINS



  • Michael Chahal

    Met Mas and Ice today!! Ice and Moose played so good together!! Might pull the trigger and get a Big Dog Chain for Moose.

  • Raymond Kramer

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  • Rishi S Gowda

    Wow super

  • Rishi S Gowda


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