3 Reasons Why You Should Buy a Strong Dog Collar

Dog collars for large breed dogs like a rottweiler, bulldog, pit bull, bully, Doberman or Cane Corso require a high level of quality strength and durability.

Let's face it. We love our dogs but when they are big they need more space, food and longer walks. That's ok but the one thing that a large dog owner should never overlook is the quality and strength of their dog collars.

Large Custom Dog Collar Lone Star - BIG DOG CHAINS

1. How Big is Big?
So the first thing you want to consider is your dog's neck size. Simply, measure your dog's neck size without adding any slack and you will have a better understanding of your collar requirements. 
2. Who Manufactures the Dog Collar?
Now this probably should have been number one on the list. Most dog collars are made by inexperienced 3rd World manufactures. So if you are thinking about buying a collar with a high level of strength than you should consider buying from a North American manufacturer like Big Dog Chains.
3. What's It Made Of?
Yea this is a big deal. The raw materials used in a dog collar will determine it's ultimate strength and durability. But let's get something straight here... a dog collar is not only about what it's made of but also about who manufactured it.
Luxury Dog Collars for Large Strong Dogs -BIG DOG CHAINS
The Power Behind the Strength 
A great example is Big Dog Chains dog collars. Custom made of high quality marine grade stainless steel that will never rust or tarnish. The collars are fitted to each dog's neck size and are manufactured by professional jewelers in Canada.So the big question. Is your collar strong enough?
"If you have a dog with a neck size over 14 inches in diameter, then you should consider buying a Big Dog Chains dog collar"
Miguel del Moral - President

Big Dog Chains dog collars hit the mark with everything from a production perspective to strength, durability and style. Each collar uses Big Dog Chains' iconic and patent pending Big Dog Clasp that creates a seamless look and a superior level of strength.

In terms of durability and strength Big Dog Chains is the perfect choice for your large dog. All Big Dog Chains customers have a free lifetime warranty included with their collar. The lifetime warranty at Big Dog Chains is a testament to their dedication in offering excellent service and the high quality luxury collars that you and your dog deserve.


If you are in the market for a new collar and you have a large dog, then Big Dog Chains should definitely be on your list of brands to consider. They clearly meet any large dog owner's strength and durability requirements but they also look absolutely amazing. Big Dog Chains' designs are leading the pet fashion industry for any dog breed with the recent release of their small dog collar collection.

Cuban Link Matte Finish Custom Dog Collar for Small Dogs Like French Bulldogs - BIG DOG CHAINS

BIG DOG CHAINS Strong Dog Collar Jewelry - BIG DOG CHAINSBIG DOG CHAINS - Best Sellers


  • Mike Martins

    Saw you company on dragons den , interesting, excellent web site , I will be buying a collar for my rotti mix shortly,
    Have you thought of incorporating the Dogs name in collar in the chain, for ex. Jack
    Just an idea , or highlighting the name in a different colour ?
    As well do u have franchise option, or do you require a sales rep in Ottawa area.. I would be interested .

  • Franklin Gonzalez

    Hi, I love the collars but I have a concern that is keeping me from buy one, my dog is 24" neck American Bulldog 100lbs.
    My concern is the lock of the collar I see it kind of weak or probably is the way of the picture I don’t know is just for me a clip as a lock have me kind of wondering!

  • BIbi

    I can’t wait to purchase my big dog collard I don’t have all the money right now but I’m saving little by little?

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