The Most Anticipated Dog Collar of All Time

Large Luxury custom gold unique dog collars - BIG DOG CHAINS - 4

Gold BIG DOG CHAINS dog collars are finally available for pre-orders on KickStarter!

Now long after BIG DOG CHAINS launched in 2015 followers on social networks made it very clear that an all gold collection would satisfy their need for luxury.

Less than 8 months since the first backer on KickStarter pre-ordered a BIG DOG CHAINS we are proud to introduce our new Gold Collection. Pre-order yours on KickStarter today! We have three gold models and the first 12 backers of each model ships within 30 days. Everyone else has to wait 60 days.

The BIG DOG CHAINS gold collection uses our signature patent pending Big Dog Clasp technology and is made of solid marine grade stainless steel with a double PVD gold plating. You can now pre-order anyone of our three most popular models:

  • The Caesar our original BIG DOG CHAINS collar
  • The Capone our original two tone model now available in all gold
  • Caesar XL our largest model for dog's with neck sizes over 18 inches

We used PVD gold plating, the best quality gold plating available for stainless steel base metals. When combined with our 316l marine grade stainless steel base, these collars are the absolute best quality. Our mission was to excel BIG DOG CHAINS to the next level while meeting our strict standards for durability and aesthetic perfection.

Unique Gold Dog Collar - BIG DOG CHAINS

Quality Gold Dog Collars:

Now if you have ever purchased a cheap gold plated piece of jewelry in past you may have noticed it had changed color or left stains on your skin. This happens when cheap base metals in the jewelry react to the acidity in your skin.

Don't worry that will never happen to a BIG DOG CHAINS gold dog collar. Dogs don't sweat and since BIG DOG CHAINS uses a marine grade stainless steel base metal our collars will never rust or tarnish and are guaranteed to last a lifetime.

Each model in the new BIG DOG CHAINS gold collection comes with all of our original post-purchase services. Not to exclude our top notch customer support, which ensures the most positive experience for all of our clients around the world.

Luxury Gold Dog Collar - BIG DOG CHAINS

Pre-Order on KickStarter:

For the next 30 days you can order anyone of the three new BIG DOG CHAINS gold dog collars. The pre-order prices will be even lower than our original models. A "snooze you loose" policy is in effect. Only 12 collars each of the three new models will be available for immediate delivery.

Pre-Order your new BIG DOG CHAINS gold dog collar and get your dog the most stunning and popular collar in the world today! 

Click Here to Pre-Order on KickStarter!



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