Most Popular Dog Collar in the World

Every once in a while a new product comes around that everyone wants or admires. When Big Dog Chains launched it's new gold collection they had no idea which model was going to take the lead as their new best seller. Months after the initial launch of the gold collection, one model stood out from the rest making it the most highly sought after dog collar in the world. Ladies and gentlemen may we introduce you to the KILO gold dog collar.

Gold Large Dog collar -  BIG DOG CHAINS

Using the famous Cuban link design with the strongest dog collar clasp ever made, Big Dog Chains has truly done it again. No other company in the pet accessory industry can keep up with their guaranteed quality standards and five star customer service.

Some shoppers have found themselves suffering from price shock from the KILO's hefty price tag of $399.99. That being said, those seeking a level of quality and style previously unknown in the dog collar world should consider Big Dog Chains' gold collection while browsing the web. 

Kilo Large Gold Dog Collar - BIG DOG CHAINS

Many customers who have purchased a collar from Big Dog Chains have reported attaining a new level of popularity at dog parks or when simply going out for a walk. Many KILO collar owners have described it as a masterpiece that demands appreciation.

This is no exaggeration, Big Dog Chains spends months, sometimes years hounding it's research and development department. So it is no surprise that when a new collar is released that all those who are lucky enough to own one realize the level of attention to detail that is put into each collar shipped from their workshop in Canada.

Kilo Large Gold Dog Collar - BIG DOG CHAINS

Owning a pet is special to many and Big Dog Chains is one of the few businesses that understands the need to offer products that symbolize the relationship we have with our pets. The KILO or any large dog collar created in the Big Dog Chains design workshop is a wearable masterpiece. 

So why is the KILO the most popular dog collar in the world? First point would be the constant state or borderline sold out status of the model. Manufacturing at Big Dog Chains has never been so busy over one specific model since the KILO's little brother, the Caesar XL

Secondly, look at the image below and it will become clear why there is so much hype revolving around the KILO and Big Dog Chains in general. 

KILO large gold dog collar - BIG DOG CHAINS

If you are in the market for a new collar get one that comes with a lifetime warranty, free lifetime re-sizing, free shipping to US & Canada. Don't forget that owning a Big Dog Chains, changes your dog's status on the streets.  

Find the large dog collar that you love the most from the entire Big Dog Chains collection below.

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