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BIG DOG CHAINS | French Bull Collar | Starting at $269.99 | Luxury Designer Dog Collar Stainless steel collar two tone collar large collar designer dog jewelry

The French Bulldog might just be the best dog breed to pick up women. 

Let's face it, a cute or good looking dog has always been one the greatest ice breakers with women since man befriended these majestic beasts. When talking about picking up women with our BIG DOG CHAINS we had to mention the dog breed that we believe has the most game. The French Bulldog meets every requirement to pick up women and is a natural born player.


TOP 5 Reasons French Bulldogs are Great Pick Up Dogs

1. Very Approachable

2. Still Tough Looking 

3. Popular Dog Breed 

4. Has magical powers over women

5. Awesome dog breed 


So if you are single and in the market for a new dog or pet, check out French bulldogs. They might help you meet your next girlfriend or fling with it's ability to melt any woman's heart. The BIG DOG CHAINS designer collar collection will boost your dog's image and give them a very unique style.  

BIG DOG CHAINS | Caesar XL Dog Collar | $349.99 | 1.25 inch width Stainless steel luxury designer dog collars

Take a look at this French Bulldog wearing the Caesar XL model in the image below. The Caesar XL is 2015's best seller with a robust Cuban link design and a high reflective polish. For French Bulldogs, the regular Caesar collar with a 1 inch width would be the recommended model for this breed's neck size. Either way, we just had to share this image.

Want to improve your dog's game?

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  • Kamine Moyer

    Thank you

  • Gilbert Trevino

    I own a 5 month old frenchy, and people do love them, cute.

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