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Find out why the large luxury stainless steel dog collar is changing the world and how it matches up to it's nylon and leather alternatives.

Finding a great collar for your large dog like pit bull, doberman, American Bully and English Bulldog is easier said than done. To begin narrowing down which dog collar is best for you and your dog you need to choose a style. This is a BIG DOG CHAINS review of the top three dog collar styles available for sale on the market today. This review will cover nylon, leather and luxury stainless steel dog collars. In the potential case you are not familiar with designer dog collars, the German Shepard in the image above is sporting a luxury dog collar from BIG DOG CHAINS.



Nylon Dog Collars

Nylon dog collars are highly recommended for owners of large dogs seeking a budget dog collar. An affordable and reliable option for your rottweiler or pit bull for example. 


The Pros: Nylon is the strongest man made fiber and has a low absorbency, dries quickly and is formidably resistant to dirt. Dog collars made of nylon are well known for being easy to wash and mildew resistant. 

The Cons: Nylon dog collars are not the most eye-catching of the styles available on the market. Although they offer large dog owners an affordable option, where they lead in price-point value they equally lack in aesthetic qualities.

Price Range:  $4.99 - 49.99



Leather Dog Collars

Leather dog collars have been the collar and harness material of choice for thousands of years. Farming animals and security dogs required adequate restraints that were durable and easily sized to a variety of animal sizes. Despite considerable design limitations and lack of technology at the time of it's conception, the leather collar has not changed in any significant way. The latter must attest to the design skills of our ancestors. Especially considering the leather dog collar has proven itself as a reliable restraint device overtime. 


The Pros: Leather is a very durable and flexible material that can last a very longtime when maintained with proper care. A leather dog collar that is properly fabricated can hold up to harsh environments. Some leather dog collars can be purchased with waterproofing agents that protects the material from damage. This dog collar style has a subtle look that is timeless, as previously mentioned.

The Cons: Leather is a material that can require a little bit of TLC in order to maximized it's durability potential. Most leather collars like it's nylon counterpart on the market, usually have a belt closure, which is not ideal with large dogs. Overtime this collar style can develop a smell, which is never pleasant. It is also very unlikely that a leather dog collar with last lifetime.

Price Range:  $19.99 - 199.99


Luxury Dog Collar - BIG DOG CHAINS

Luxury Dog Collars

Luxury dog collars are modern designs that use advanced manufacturing techniques and high quality materials in their production. Luxury leather and nylon dog collars do exist. That being said, you should keep in mind that the dog accessories industry is changing quickly. Stainless steel and gold dog collars are the most popular choice and desired style on the market today. The modern customer is seeking high quality products that work well and look great. BIG DOG CHAINS

BIG DOG CHAINS is a designer of large stainless steel and gold dog collars that brings functionality, quality and luxury all in one package. By using modern technology BIG DOG CHAINS has developed a dog collar that has the appeal of human jewelry and level of strength that has never been seen before.BIG DOG CHAINS


The Pros: Luxury dog collars are designed to last a lifetime. Bling luxury dog collars can be found in a variety of styles from nylon, leather and the more popular stainless steel and gold plated options. Quality is the core guiding principle of designer and luxury collars. BIG DOG CHAINS is so confident in the quality and reliability of it's dog collar products each purchase includes a lifetime warranty. As discussed, leather and nylon collars often use a belt closures whereas BIG DOG CHAINS uses a patent pending clasp technology that is so rugged it can hold up to any dog, any size, anytime. Capone Gold Dog Collar - BIG DOG CHAINS

Beyond developing products that meet strict quality standards, BIG DOG CHAINS' luxury dog collars look amazing! They also help you keep your dog looking good with their free re-sizing policy. If your dog gets bigger just ship it back to our offices in Canada and our team of jewelry professionals will take care of the rest. 

The Capone gold dog collar, an iconic and best seller at BIG DOG CHAINS is a great example of a modern luxury dog collar improving a dog's presence and appeal. Check out this stunning doberman wearing the two tone Capone gold collar. Absolutely perfect for anyone looking to get their large and unique fashion dog collar. The Capone gold dog collar is $299.99 and is included with free shipping in US and Canada. International shipping is available.


The Cons: In reality the only negative thing that can occur with a BIG DOG CHAINS luxury dog collar is an increased level of haters, that may be hating on your dog's style.

Price Range:  Starting at $249.99

BIG DOG CHAINS Caesar stainless steel metal dog collar online store pet shop collar pitbull large dog collars bully collars rottweiler doberman dog collar Bull Mastiff quality collar bulldog

BIG DOG CHAINS DOG COLLAR stainless steel metal dog collar online store pet shop collar pitbull large dog collars bully collars rottweiler doberman dog collar Bull Mastiff quality collar bulldog bully large DOG COLLARS

Start browsing through our dog collar collection today! Find the perfect luxury collar for your best friend.

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