MIDAS_Custom_Gold_Cuban_Link_Dog_Collar_For_XL_Dogs_Largest_Cuban_Link_Collar_Ever_Made_Perfect_for_Dogs_Over_100_Pounds_Pit_Bulls_XL_Bullies_Cane_Corso_Bully_and_More_BIG_DOG_CHAINS 2
MIDAS_Gold_Cuban_Link_Dog_Collar_For_XL_Dogs_Largest_Cuban_Link_Collar_Ever_Made_Perfect_for_Dogs_Over_100_Pounds_Pit_Bulls_XL_Bullies_Cane_Corso_Bully_and_More_BIG_DOG_CHAINS 233
MIDAS_Gold_Cuban_Link_Dog_Collar_For_XL_Dogs_Largest_Cuban_Link_Collar_Ever_Made_Perfect_for_Dogs_Over_100_Pounds_Pit_Bulls_XL_Bullies_Cane_Corso_Bully_and_More_BIG_DOG_CHAINS 4
MIDAS_Gold_Cuban_Link_Dog_Collar_For_XL_Dogs_Largest_Cuban_Link_Collar_Ever_Made_Perfect_for_Dogs_Over_100_Pounds_Pit_Bulls_XL_Bullies_Cane_Corso_Bully_and_More_BIG_DOG_CHAINS 56
MIDAS_Gold_Cuban_Link_Dog_Collar_For_XL_Dogs_Largest_Cuban_Link_Collar_Ever_Made_Perfect_for_Dogs_Over_100_Pounds_Pit_Bulls_XL_Bullies_Cane_Corso_Bully_and_More_BIG_DOG_CHAINS 76
MIDAS_Gold_Cuban_Link_Dog_Collar_For_XL_Dogs_Largest_Cuban_Link_Collar_Ever_Made_Perfect_for_Dogs_Over_100_Pounds_Pit_Bulls_XL_Bullies_Cane_Corso_Bully_and_More_BIG_DOG_CHAINS 34
MIDAS_Gold_Cuban_Link_Dog_Collar_For_XL_Dogs_Largest_Cuban_Link_Collar_Ever_Made_Perfect_for_Dogs_Over_100_Pounds_Pit_Bulls_XL_Bullies_Cane_Corso_Bully_and_More_BIG_DOG_CHAINS 567
MIDAS_Gold_Cuban_Link_Dog_Collar_For_XL_Dogs_Largest_Cuban_Link_Collar_Ever_Made_Perfect_for_Dogs_Over_100_Pounds_Pit_Bulls_XL_Bullies_Cane_Corso_Bully_and_More_BIG_DOG_CHAINS 566
MIDAS_Gold_Cuban_Link_Dog_Collar_For_XL_Dogs_Largest_Cuban_Link_Collar_Ever_Made_Perfect_for_Dogs_Over_100_Pounds_Pit_Bulls_XL_Bullies_Cane_Corso_Bully_and_More_BIG_DOG_CHAINS 455
MIDAS_Gold_Cuban_Link_Dog_Collar_For_XL_Dogs_Largest_Cuban_Link_Collar_Ever_Made_Perfect_for_Dogs_Over_100_Pounds_Pit_Bulls_XL_Bullies_Cane_Corso_Bully_and_More_BIG_DOG_CHAINS 44
MIDAS_Gold_Cuban_Link_Dog_Collar_For_XL_Dogs_Largest_Cuban_Link_Collar_Ever_Made_Perfect_for_Dogs_Over_100_Pounds_Pit_Bulls_XL_Bullies_Cane_Corso_Bully_and_More_BIG_DOG_CHAINS 899


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The Midas is truly a glorious gold Cuban Link dog collar and is the largest dog collar of it's kind. Perfect for dog owners that require heavy duty strength and reliability for their XL dogs. Big Dog Chains is leading the dog collar industry with this new addition to their gold dog collar collection. No one else is the world can keep up and the Midas is another exclusive dog collar that you can only get from Big Dog Chains.

The Midas uses our popular extra thick Cuban link design with a double gold finish that looks amazing on large dogs. The Midas collar is the largest dog collar model that we have ever made. It uses a 1.75 inch width Cuban link design that is far larger than our KILO collar, which has a 1.25 inch width. Adding that additional width to the Midas collar meant upgrading our Big Dog Clasp, bringing it to another level of strength. No matter how big your dog is the MIDAS can handle it for a lifetime. The Midas gold dog collar is only for dogs with neck sizes over 22 inches.

*Due to high order volume, all orders will be shipped within 5 weeks of purchase date.

  • Lifetime warranty
  • Custom fit
  • Gold & Stainless steel 
  • Handmade in Canada

BIG DOG CHAINS was founded in 2014 by Miguel Del Moral and Justin Low. Miguel is a respected jeweler from Montreal, Canada with over 20 years experience. Justin has worked with luxury jewelry brands for over 10 years in over 40 countries around the world. The Big Dog Chains concept was developed to satisfy the need for large dog collars in the pet jewelry industry. We found that there was a lack of fashionable and great looking collars for owners with larger dogs. 

We had to find the right metal that would last a lifetime and offer the strength required to handle a truly large dog. The end result, was a dog collar made of solid marine grade 316l stainless steel. Our stainless steel dog collars will never tarnish, wear and are antimicrobial. This means your collar will maintain its shine and will never smell like the fabric and leather dog collar alternatives. 

During the development process, we had to create not only a stunning look for the dog collars but ensure durability and functionality of our product. We created our U.S.patented Big Dog Clasp® which has been strength tested on Hulk, the 180 pound Pit Bull from Dark Dynasty K9s. Big thanks to the DDK family!

BIG DOG CHAINS Caesar stainless steel metal dog collar online store pet shop collar pitbull large dog collars bully collars rottweiler doberman dog collar Bull Mastiff quality collar bulldog

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If you have any questions about our dog collars, feel free to contact us or call 1-888-862-3121. Our customer support team is available to assist you with your order 7 days a week from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. EST

BIG DOG CHAINS Caesar stainless steel metal dog collar online store pet shop collar pitbull large dog collars bully collars rottweiler doberman dog collar Bull Mastiff quality collar bulldog

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BIG DOG CHAINS DOG COLLAR stainless steel metal dog collar online store pet shop collar pitbull large dog collars bully collars rottweiler doberman dog collar Bull Mastiff quality collar bulldog bully large DOG COLLARS






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