Cuban Link Gold Dog Leash That Changed the World

Every once in while an innovation comes around that changes how people perceive everything. The pet industry is no different. There is a company that after years of making the most popular and stylish dog collars, decided to take the lead once again and lead the pet industry into 2018.

Big Dog Chains is world renowned for their iconic and seamless dog collar designs using their patent pending and super strong Big Dog Clasp. The new stainless steel and gold Cuban link dog leashes and luxury leads, truly complete the overall style matching with their unique dog collars.

Ladies and gentlemen may we introduce you too the Big Dog Chains Luxury Leash collection. A high quality leash that has been in development in the Big Dog Chains design workshop since early 2016. The Big Dog Chains Luxury leash was intended to complete the ultimate look for dogs wearing their unique collars. 

Right now our new leash collection is available at exclusive pre-order prices for a limited time. Delivery time for a pre-ordered leash is 45 days from your purchase date.

Gold Cuban Link Leash for Large Dogs Pit Bulls XL Bullies Unique Gold Leads and Dog Collars for English Bulldogs Dogo Angentino Leashes - BIG DOG CHAINS

Big Dog Chains has released the highest quality dog leashes ever made

As per usual, Big Dog Chains spared no expense in developing their new leashes. Each model in the new collection is made of marine grade stainless steel and will be coming in a variety of finishes. The final production model that will be released in early June has not been fully unveiled, however they are flying of the 'E shelves" as we speak. Just like the Big Dog Chains dog collar collections each luxury leash includes a lifetime warranty and free shipping worldwide.

If you are already a Big Dog Chains owner then you should definitely take a look at the new leash collection. At this time, only the Cuban gold and Caesar Stainless leashes are available on the Big Dog Chains website. That being said, new leash models are expected to be released very soon. If you don't want to wait until the new finishes are released you can can also contact Big Dog Chains. They will make you a custom order right away in a Rose gold, Matte, Maui, Capone or Rocky leash finish.

Gold Cuban Link Leash for Large Dogs Pit Bulls XL Bullies Unique Gold Leads and Dog Collars for English Bulldogs Dogo Angentino Leashes - BIG DOG CHAINS - 3


Right now our leashes and luxury leads are available at pre-order prices and our leashes will never be available at these prices again. So if you are thinking about getting a collar/leash set or just the leash then now is the time to order.


Watch Hulk from Dark Dynasty K9s trying out our new gold leash and luxury lead. 

If you have any questions about our new leashes or about pre-ordering them, please feel free to contact us.



  • Ardell

    Do y’all make gold leashes with diamonds in them?

  • Gata Gandy

    Do u guys make a leash in rosa gold

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