The Cuban rose leash and dog collar from Big Dog Chains is the most fashionable dog jewelry ever made. Cuban link leash design perfect for large and strong dogs. Big Dog Chains Cuban Link rose gold leash and luxury lead is a perfect option for your dog. 

If you already own a Big Dog Chains Cuban Rose collar then this beautiful luxury lead will complete the look you always wanted. Using our popular and very strong marine grade stainless steel with a custom rose gold finish with a rugged and very comfortable white leather handle.

The Rose leash uses our 1 inch width stainless steel Cuban links with a custom rose gold finish. This leash model is available in two lengths 30 inch and 36 inch depending on your preference.

We guarantee that our dog collars will last a lifetime. At Big Dog Chains we are so confident in the quality of our dog collar designs that we offer a complete lifetime warranty. 


FREE Shipping Worldwide. All of our pet products including our dog collars and leashes include free shipping around the globe.

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